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About the Foundation


"I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob..." Who were these men? They were average, regular people whom God called; that calling changed their lives. As a result, they aligned their lives, vision, and resources in such a way that generations to follow them would know who they were and how God was faithful to them. Their legacy transcended time, as did their faith.

The Lord’s Outreach Ministries (Church) Foundation wants to follow in this model by allowing a practical way for average, ordinary people to leave a lasting legacy of Christian faith in the majority world. How do we do this? It is so simple. You just give. We steward and manage. Together we leave a legacy for the Holy Gospel that goes beyond our lifetime.

The Foundation will target church planting, long-term mission efforts, and outreach to young poor/street children, and unreached populations through Biblical and theological education, formal education, Health etc, and support to pastors. We want to finance Church projects that, in the past, would have gone unfunded.

Mission Statement

Lord’s Outreach Ministries Foundation is organized and operated specifically to support, promote, and facilitate the mission work, church planting, and evangelism of United Protestant Church of Pakistan. The Foundation exists to fund the advance of The Kingdom of God through pastoring, planting churches regionally and partnering to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Foundation will principally raise funds which can be used to provide direct support for individuals and organizations undertaking these activities. The Foundation will seek to maximize return on investment by giving preference to church planting, partnering with indigenous ministers and ministries with whom United Protestant Church of Pakistan has a relationship, long-term mission efforts, and through outreach to the young, poor and unreached populations.

About United Protestant Church of Pakistan

United Protestant Church of Pakistan was working since 1996 but properly founded in August of 2008 and registered under the banner of “Lord’s Outreach Ministries Foundation” as a part of Foundation to reach the unreached of Pakistan, and the surrounding areas for the extension of His Kingdom. UP Church of Pakistan exists to serve God and advance the Gospel by pastoring, Biblical education, providing formal education to poor children, health facilities to the neglected and rejected people, and other social need to the needy people, planting churches in Pakistan and surrounding area. For more information please visit our website:


The Lord’s Outreach Ministries Foundation was birthed out of a common vision imparted by God to several founding members to do smoothly Church work and the other projects. In March of 2010, Rt. Rev. Dr. Emanuel Khokhar shared his ideas with other Pastors and elders of the United Protestant Church of Pakistan and researched possible means to fulfill the God-given vision. Their passion was to create a unique way to fund Kingdom ventures. They wanted to use an endowment that would share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with next generations.

By the summer of 2011 the founding LOMF Board was assembled and in July 2012, the foundation officially received its status as registered non-profit organization by Government of Pakistan (Act, XXI of 1860). The last one year was spent in prayer and planning as the Board prepared for LOMF’s public launch in future.