Who we are:

The Korean Church Mission in Pakistan was constituted in 1996 by a Korean Pastor. It has rooted in the establishment of the Korean Presbyterian Church Association. Pastor Dr. Emanuel Khokhar joined it in August 2008 and renamed “United Protestant Church of Pakistan”.

United Protestant Church of Pakistan is registered under the banner of “Lord’s Outreach Ministries Foundation” vide Government of Pakistan societies Act XXI of 1860. The all sister Churches have the central position in the whole system of the Church. We warmly welcoming to all. The numbers are rapidly increasing by the vision of Church Planting.

Introduction; Dr. Emanuel Khokhar, Ph. D

Dr.Emanuel_khokharDr. Emanuel Khokhar was born in Pakistan in a Roman Catholic Christian family and raised as nominal Christian. After completion of his college education he joins General Headquarters of Pakistan Army and served thirteen years. After a strongest call from the Lord Jesus Christ he decided to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. So he resigned from his service and joined the Gujranwala Theological Seminary, Gujranwala, Pakistan to get proper training and theological education. After the completion of Master of Divinity in March 2000, he joined the Church of Pakistan, Diocese of Peshawar and started to serve the Lord Jesus Christ under the supervision of Bishop Cecil Williams in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. As ordained pastor he served at St. John Cathedral Peshawar and as Pastor Incharge of St. Thomas Church D. I. Khan Cantt, St. John Church D. I. Khan City, Tank Hospital Church and Christ Church Wana City, South Waziristan. In Feb 2003, he got proper leave for Higher Theological Education Study from the Church of Pakistan, Diocese of Peshawar and earned Master of Theology in Missiology from Asia United Theological University, South Korea. In 2004, he attended Canterbury Scholar Course at Canterbury in England, earned Doctor of Christian Education from USA, Advance Leadership Course, USA. And after completion of his Ph. D in Missiology studied from Kukje Theological University & Seminary, South Korea he came back Pakistan and according to his study leave he tried to join his church. But due to the bad political situation in the Diocese of Peshawar Church of Pakistan, in August 2008 he started work with a very small church established by a Korean Pastor. In Feb 2009 he appointed bishop of the church. In June 2009, he founded Lord’s Bible College & Seminary, Islamabad Pakistan and started Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry courses first time in Pakistan. In 2011, United Protestant Church of Pakistan affiliated with Protestant Episcopal Church USA and in 2013, in the meeting of Archbishops & bishops United Protestant Church of Pakistan was accepted autonomous body a province of Protestant Episcopal Church and Dr. Khokhar was elected Archbishop of United Protestant Church of Pakistan.

Mission Statement:

To welcome all people to the worship of Almighty God where the redeeming love of Lord Jesus Christ is preached in a Spirit of Christian fellowship and love extending into our community throughout Pakistan for the extension of His Kingdom.


We have always invited people to begin their spiritual journey here just as they are- inside and out. We have redeemed the arts for His Kingdom, taken bold, powerful risks, and celebrated God’s goodness through changed lives. As our history has been, our future will be- built on the Holy Word and the worship of our one true God.

Whether you have already attended a service here or are considering a visit in the future, we want you to feel welcomed- welcomed to engage your spiritual curiosity-welcomed to grow in your faith-welcomed to share your life with other people who are just like you.

We have a saying that we do not take ourselves too seriously, but we take God very seriously. That just means that we enjoy pursuing God and all He has for us. That joy leaks out through our worship, friendships and a lot of laughter.