Co-And Extra Cirricular Actitities



Of the co-and extra-curricular activities of the school the following deserve special mention:
a. Literary Activities:
Literary competitions are held regularly during the year and it is compulsory for every student to take part in one competition at a time. The competitions are poster drawing, singing, spelling bee, general knowledge, poetry and speech. The marks scored in these activities are added in the terminal report cards.
b. Morning Reflection:
From class two upward every child is given an opportunity to address the entire school with a morning reflection at the morning assembly which encourage public speaking and sharing of moral values.
c. Sports:
An athletic meet is held once a year and during the year iner house tournaments are held in cricket, football, table tennis, badminton and tennis.
d. Outings and Educational Trips:
Class outings and educational trips are encouraged for their educational values: 1. Out-door trips are encouraged for their educational values. 2. Participants must obtain their parent’s written permission. 3. Permission for trips should in every case be obtained from the principal at least two weeks before they are due to take place. 4. The place to be visited, the means of transport, the time of departure and the return route in detail, the amount of contribution of the participants, and all other relevant details should be stated in the written application for permission, which the principal may very well refuse if the trip is to clash with other important school activities or for any other reason. 5. Parent-teacher get together in the form of open fourms or personal meetings are periodically held to facilitate the exchange of views between the members of the staff and the parents of the pupils they teach. 6. Guidance and Counseling: If education has long-term goal of preparing young people to enter the world as active participants in society and becoming responsible then it must provide far more than the opportunity for academic pursuits. Guidance and counseling serve to develop the whole person of every individual pupil spiritually, intellectually, emotionally society and physically with dignity. Guidance and counseling is about looking after the total welfare of every pupil thorough the creation and well-ordered community.